A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Comics

Artwork by Tim Sale

Adapted and Scripted by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey

Edited by Laurie Sutton

Publisher Liason - Kay Reynolds

Publishers: Starblaze Graphics -
The Donning Company
Norfold/Viginia Beach 1985

The graphic novels are based on the Thieves' World
anthologies published by Ace Books. If you like stories about befuddled magicians, pure-hearted heroes, hobbits and bright-eyes elves...

From the who's who in

Tim Sale Tim Sale attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan while simultaneously taking John Buscema's workshop in comic illustration in the mid 1970's.

A loyal resident of Seattle, Washington, he started the Grey Archer Press with his sister and works closely with Northern Lights, a coalition of Northwest fantasy artists.

Currently, Tim splits his time between the Thieves' World Graphics and inking the Myth Adventures graphic adaptation of Asprin's Myth books. Perhaps the most physically active of the team, he enjoys bicycling in his native city of Seattle during his spare time.

Tim continues to show his work at conventions and haunts soccor fields in his spare time.

[About the only other thing I've found by Tim is a 4-parter called Billi 99 from Dark Horse. It's done in a very style similiar to the TWGNs. He has also illustrated Batman comics. Oh, and a cool picture of Exedor in Robotech Art 2 - Mic]

Laurie Sutton has worked as an editor for both DC Comics and Marvel/Epic Comics but her enthusiasm and experience extend beyond the world of the graphic novel and comic format. Her sense of visual storytelling combined with her literary expertise make her the perfect editorial guide for the transition of Thieves' World's existing prose into its new, illustrated home.

Based in Manhattan, she is currently doing freelance editing and writing. Her other interests include film, interior design, football, the study of anything Japanese, and aviation.

Kay Reynolds, the editor-in-chief (or Head-Ed) of Donning/Starblaze, has the thankless task of coordinating the efforts of the Thieves' World Graphics team with the production and marketing schedule of her company.

With her heart in fandom and her head in the business world (accounting), Reynolds created the Starblaze Graphics line of comic illustrated adventure when she initiated the publication of ElfQuest Books 1, 2, 3, and 4, the colour volumes, in 1981 for Donning. Her skilful marketing of ElfQuest to mainstream bookstores opened the doors for a wider public exposure and acceptance of stories in the graphic novel format.

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Thieves' World Graphics (Colour Version)

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